Eco Fashion and Sustainability

Eco fashion doesn’t have to be expensive fashion. There are so many ways you can recycle your clothes by updating your essential outfits with detailed accessories or simply being creative with what you already have.

Spending lots of money on fashion is not very sustainable to the environment, when you can look just as good being kinder to the environment. Here at Made With Love and Kindness, I just love recycling from charity shops. By donating old clothes as well as buying new, I feel charity shops provide perfect eco fashion for the next generation. Buying more cotton, lace and canvas can really change the way we wear clothes and the way we look. I design bespoke clothes which not only look bold and stand out from the crowd, but also are fun, bringing fun into wearing eco fashion.

My designs also bring a calm environment to babies nurseries, by using mixed media materials and designs. From pompom garlands to bold, simple canvas prints,  the creative design of nature brings fashion and nurseries into one lovely place.

You can visit my Etsy Shop here or get in touch via the contact page for bespoke orders and requests.


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